of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

With the blessing of Alexander – the Metropolitan of Riga and the Whole Latvia, a collection of signatures against LGBT Riga “Baltic Pride 2009” has been carried out in all orthodox churches in Latvia for a few weeks. Mainly signed  by mothers.

In the name of them, me, Liga (Anna) Dimitere, call for all the mothers of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia still in a complete mind to stand against the announced “Baltic Pride 2009″ march-past, which is planned on Saturday 16th May 2009 at 12.00 A.M. in the Vermane’s park in Riga.

The mothers have to save the souls of their children from the sodomites, which are going to celebrate the “victory day” of their morbid pride. The government of my country allowed it and resigned from preventing our children from this unchastity.

When one of the Twin-towers was burned in the New York City, a woman’s hand lightened up through the thick cloud of smoke very close to the top of the collapsing tower and waved with a snow-white scarf. This hopeful sign sticks in the world’s memory forever.

The white colour is the symbol of innocence, hope and light. Let’s tie our heads with bright white scarves and walk out in the streets.

Let’s come together in Riga on Saturday 16th May during 10.00 – 11.00 A. M. at Christ Birth Cathedral in Brivibas boulevard 23 for a walk in these white scarfs to the gate of the Vermane’s park.

Mother of two sons
Liga (Anna) Dimitere
12.05.2009. Riga

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